The Rho Chi Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta

There is a strong history of Fiji’s being prominent members of the Richmond Community as evidenced by the many buildings named after Fiji’s including: The Tyler Haynes Commons, Ryland Hall, Puryear Hall, Jepson Hall, and Robins Hall.

Current Committee Members:

Rho Chi House Corporation

Campbell Pendleton '84, President
Bob Harvey '67, Secretary
Bernie Bohm '70
John Conrad '12
Wilton Ford '69
Tom Leffew '69
Bob McIver '71
Cameron Strange-Boston '75
Jim Sutton '75
Tim Winks '80
Steve Winks '70 

 Rho Chi Fiji Weekend Committee

Gray Broughton, Co-chair
Jimmy Jacobs, Co-chair
Richard Dolan, CPA, Treasurer
Wilton Ford, Secretary
Richard Severin
Ben Baker
Dennis Kazmerowski
Robin Worth
Joe Spencer
John Moreau

Advisory Committee

John Moreau '64, Chairman
Andy Armstrong '99
Ben Baker '57
Wilton Ford '69
Tim Hill '67
Jimmy Jacobs '69
Rick Steenrod '91


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